Harvest Haus

  • Queen Elizabeth Theatre 649 Cambie St Vancouver, BC, V6B 2P1 Canada

The crunch of fresh produce, crackle of the grill, the fizz of the pour, the bite of the chopping block and the clinking of glassware. Applause. Laughter. Conversation. Music. The sounds of autumn! PROST!


Steeped in global traditions, the inaugural Vancouver Harvest Haus joins together camaraderie, authentic European harvest traditions and theatricality with a simple goal: merriment to all. Inspired by Oktoberfest, driven by a love for local ingredients and good drink, this event immerses attendees in an interactive story of the harvest, from ancient days to modern times. And it all takes place under a big top tent.


  • Bavarian-themed long table seating plan for hundreds of attendees
  • Drinking stein vessels provided to all attendees to amplify the Bavarian event feel.
  • Multiple food and beverage themed areas within the larger Harvest Haus Halle, highlighting ingredients and products of the harvest
  • Theatrical keg tapping opening ceremony, interludes and closing stage performances
  • A mix of unique and expected Bavarian musical entertainment
  • Authentic European food stalls in the Marktplatz serving traditional Oktoberfest fare including pretzels, bratwurst, spaetzle, and schnitzel
  • Premium coursed food offering, the Bavarian Feast, an elevated ticket experience prepared using local ingredients from Sole Foods
  • Custom created Harvest Haus merchandise and gift shop
  • Outdoor harvest market including merchants and harvest producers
  • Harvest-themed staff throughout the experience


Located right downtown Vancouver on the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza, the Harvest Haus Halle seats up to 1,000 revelers. Choose from one of six sittings to celebrate the season, the fruits of the fields and the drinks of autumn.