Red Truck Brewing Truck Drop

by @JonnyBeers

Craftbeer is known for being a little more adventurous in taste, but generally the marketing tends to be a little toned down and the focus on the beer. Unless of course you’re RedTruck and you feel like dropping a truck from the sky onto hard pavement. Why? Well, we’re not really sure but it’s awesome so who cares. Smash the truck!

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Anyone showing up in a red truck was rewarded with their very own toolbox. Pretty cool door prize. Our fav was the guy who showed up in a cardboard truck painted red. Nobody said it had to run, right?

Upon entry you received your RedTruckBeer VIP keys, oh and a couple of beers + food (the tacos were amazing) “All registered Red Truck Drivers will have unlimited access to exclusive events, benefits, and so much more.” ( After plugging the key in and searching around we found a pretty slick rendering of what the future Red Truck Brewery will look like.  About all that needs to be said is WOW! Can’t wait!

Ok, back to truck smashing. A DJ was on hand to pump up the crowd from atop another red truck (not the one that got smashed) Truck Drop was set for 4pm so the crowd had a chance to enjoy a few tasty Red Truck brews before the action. Don’t drink and drive, especially if your truck is hanging from a crane.

And it’s time for Truck Drop! The moment of release, falling, falling, falling annnnnnnd…..

SMASH! Or is that a bounce?

Well done Red Truck! That truck didn’t know what hit it! (we do, it was the ground. the very very hard ground) Congrats on the ground-breaking and we look forward to the new brewery!