Steam Whistle Draught Launch

By: @VancityBeerGuy

On Friday April 27th,2012 I learned two things:

1) Don't wear a white t-shirt while eating chicken wings.

2) Steam Whistle tastes even better on draught.

JonnyBeers and I were invited to the official Steam Whistle Draught Launch in BC at The Bimini of Donnelly Group and of course we weren't going to turn down the opportunity to enjoy a pint!


When we arrived we were greeted by an enthusiastic Steam Whistle rep who showed us to our table; We were situated right next to @Megana28 who was attending on behalf of Faster than you can say "all you can eat" the chicken wing platters were served at the appetizer table and me, being the gentleman that I am, dove right in. The next couple of minutes were a carnivorous blur but I do recall eating about thirty chicken wings (the BBQ Guinness wings were my favourite). The aftermath of my chicken wing demolition left me with some serious BBQ stains on my white t-shirt (cue Tim McGraw) that, while delicious, were very unsightly.

Jon and I sat down and were served our glasses of Steam Whistle Pilsner which is on draught for the first time in BC! You've seen it in bottles in the liquor stores but now it's officially on draught and let me tell you it tastes even better!

I'm not sure where you can find Steam Whistle on draught in Vancouver and the rest of BC, aside from all Donnelly Group locations,  but I do know where you can find Steam Whistle on twitter! RIGHT HERE!

After the Steam Whistle Draught Launch I'm looking forward to two things:

1) Drinking more Steam Whistle on draught.

2) Buying a t-shirt dedicated to chicken wing meals.