What is #YVRBeerTweetup?

If you follow us on twitter you’ve probably seen a huge amount of tweets populating your timeline on the day of any of our events.

A #YVRBeerTweetup main event is a craftbeer themed networking night where you are able to meet lots of awesome people that share similar interests with you, whether that be craft beer or social media. That being said, #YVRBeerTweetup is something different for each person. For some it’s an event where they can experience a new bar or restaurant (we go to a new venue each tweetup if possible), for others it’s a place where they can try exclusive one-off casks by some of BC’s best breweries (vodka soaked vanilla bean espresso oatmeal stout anyone?). Some people take #YVRBeerTweetup as a time to reconnect with friends, drink amazing beers, have a good time and then head to the clubs afterwards.

#YVRBeerTweetup is whatever you want it to be and whatever you make it: a networking event, a craft beer event, a party or all of the above. We’re doing our best to make each event better than the last.

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