Steamworks Brewing - Bottled Beer Launch

by @VancityBeerGuy

On Thursday, September 20th Steamworks Brewpub held their official bottled beer launch party. The brewpub has been brewing their own beer for seventeen years and for those who have been able to try it, know that it’s pretty good stuff. Situated just to the East of Waterfront Station, Steamworks has been a great spot to sit and have a beer since it’s inception.

Showcased at the event were the six beers that they will be packaging in either a 6-pack consisting of 355 ml bottles or single bomber style bottles that are 650 ml size. Each beer was paired with an appetizer sized dish that went perfectly with their respective beers.

Photo by Kevin Wu

The beers that were available were the seasonal heroica oatmeal stout, wheat and pumpkin ales as well as their standard pale ale, pilsner, and seasonal frambözen raspberry ale. Asking around, the general consensus was that the Heroica Oatmeal Stout was everyone’s favorite and with it’s velvety texture and chocolaty flavor profile I can see why.

Each food pairing was inventive and thought outside the box, like the pumpkin ale infused whipped cream that was then flash frozen in dry ice. The best pairing of the event would have to have been the raspberry mini ice cream cones and the Frambözen Raspberry Ale. The creaminess and pronounced raspberry flavors of the ice cream brought out the nuances of the seasonal brew amazingly. I could have stayed at that pairing station the entire night and been happy.

To keep updated on what is happening with Steamworks and their Bottled Beer series follow them at @SteamworksPub and @SteamworksBeer.

Open from 11:30 am daily for Lunch & Dinner.

375 Water Street.
Vancouver, BC