10 Can’t Miss Craft Beers

By: Lindsey Mcmahon @LindseyMc87

When it comes to beer, the top sellers in North America are still the big macro companies like Budweiser, Molson, Coors, Miller, Labatts, etc. Craft beers are much less-known to the average consumer, which is a shame, because there are some amazingly delicious beers found locally and all around the world. If you would like to experience the flavor and variety of microbrewery and craft beers, the following styles of beer are a great place to start. Here are ten of my favorites:

Steamworks Wheat Ale
Steamworks Brewing Company, Canada

If you love Witbier, you’ll love the yeasty flavor, fruity and coriander undertones, and a refreshing taste.

Curieux Bourbon Barrel Aged Tripel 
Allagash Brewing Company/Portland, Maine

This Maine-based beer is brewed in Belgian-style. The beer was actually created by accident, but the founders loved it so much, they continued to make it. This beer is a tripel formula aged in bourbon barrels. The flavors in this beer are subtle vanilla, oak, and bourbon flavors.

Phoenix Gold
Phillips Brewing Company, Canada

For a beer in truly ancient style, you can’t miss the unpasteurized goodness of Phoenix Gold. This is a Bohemian lager that is light, crisp, and dry. This beverage is perfect for springtime drinking.

Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biere Saison/Farmhouse Ale 
Jolly Pumpkin Artisanal Ales/Dexter, Michigan 

Deep in the heart of Michigan, you’ll find another Belgian-style craft beer. This beer uses traditional craftsmanship, including open fermentation, oak aging, and bottle conditioning. The beer contains pro-biotic cultures that give the beer an earthy flavor. The farmhouse brew is cloudy, golden, and contains notes of circus. Unlike other Belgian beers, this beer only contains 4.5 percent ABV, which is low for the style.

Black Plague Stout
Storm Brewing Ltd., Canada

Chief in Canadian beers is the Black Plague Stout, only brewed in the fall and winter. This is an Irish-style stout beer that is nearly black and contains under flavors of chocolates, roasted malt, and fruit. 

Orval Belgian Pale Ale
Brasserie d'Orval/Abbaye Notre-Dame d'Orval, Belgium 

If you are looking for classic Belgian pale ale, you won’t want to miss this famous microbrew. Since 1070, this tiny brewery has made the same formula of beer. The ale contains three malts, two hops, candi sugar, and wild yeast strains. The fermentation process is traditional, which means the brew contains the flavorful brettanomyces with a sour finish. The beer is orange and cloudy with a large, foamy head and a fruity flavor.

Old Jalopy Pale Ale
Powell Street Brewing, Canada

Love a good pale ale? You won’t want to miss Old Jalopy which just won Beer of the Year at the Canadian Beer Awards. "A twist on a traditional English Pale Ale. Caramel and English Pale malts were combined with the floral, citrus, and grapefruit notes of the North American hop giving this ale a very distinct sensory profile." - Powell Street

Schneider Weisse Original Bavarian Hefeweizen 
G. Schneider & Sohn/ Kelheim, Germany 

This beer contains flavors of clove, banana, and yeast. This brew is crafted exclusively in Germany, and it contains 50 percent wheat barley to minimize the bitterness of the brew. This beer is dark, tart, and has a sweet finish with dry notes. If desired, you can add a wedge of lemon to enhance the flavor.

Uinta Detour Double IPA American Double/Imperial India Pale Ale 
Uinta Brewing Company/Salt Lake City, Utah 

For a unique twist on the IPA flavor, try the Uinta Detour Double IPA. This beer has a surprisingly high alcohol content at 9.5 percent. This beer contains a large amount of hops, contains flavors like pine and grapefruit, and has a foamy head.

Brick & Beam IPA
Yaletown Brewing Company, Canada

If you love traditional beers, you’ll love Brick and Beam. It contains floral notes, tropical fruit, and a mix of hops that offers a satisfying and refreshing taste.

When you really want a unique beer experience, try one of these amazing brews. You won’t be sorry you tried them. 

- Lindsey