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One of the most faithful Twitter followers of #YVRBeerTweetup is none other than @CDNBeer, also know as Cody L in real life. He’s a beer blogger from Brandon MB and lately he’s had a serious thirst for BC beer. Many of you may not know that @JonnyBeers is also from Manitoba, and it’s been great to see people back home enjoying the great craftbeer BC has to offer. If you check out Cody’s blog you can see many reviews of brews from all around BC. We thought it would be great to highlight his thoughts on our West Coast beers. His opinions are his own and he may not love everything us Pine-Tree Hugging Hop-Aholics out here enjoy, but based on the frequency of the Buncy Beer Truck delivery I’d say we’re winning those prairie dwellers over!

Check out the Beer Review section to read what he has to think about YVR Beer. Cheers!