Steamworks Brewmaster's Beer Dinner

On April 18th we had the pleasure of attending the Steamworks Brewing Brewmaster's Dinner. This was a 4 course dinner, each one paired with a brew from Brewmaster Caolan Vaughan and a dish from Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar chef Cory Chapman.

1st Course - PILSNER - Argentinian Red Prawn Ceviche w sea beans, cucumber, tempura.

Jonny - discovered how not to eat a prawn head. We were at the fun table ;) The roe and pilsner are a great pairing.

Nick - A nice start to the meal, the slight saltiness of the ceviche went well with the pilsner.

2nd Course - PALE ALE - Kimchi Pork Cheek Hot Pot w quail egg, wakame, corn, ramen noodles.

Jonny - I generally despise Kimchi, so was quite pleased to find this less spicey and kimchi-ish. Also, awesome quail egg. Had it been a spicey kimchi dish an IPA would have matched up really well.

Nick - This might have been the best pairing of the meal. The flavours of the pale ale accentuated the flavours of the dish really well. The dish on it’s own was amazing as well.

3rd Course - SAISON - Fried Smoked Duck Confit w buttermilk mashed potato, charred leeks, duck jus.

Jonny - You had me at Saison. Oh, and there's an awesome crispy large piece of duck? Um, yes. Hell yes. Want. more. Saison.

Nick - Duck confit is a difficult dish to do properly. It can end up too dry or too tough in an instant. The chef nailed it on this dish. Duck and saison, as it turns out, is a very nice pairing.

4th Course - OATMEAL STOUT - Mocha Pot De Creme w vanilla whipped cream, powdered doughnuts.

Jonny - I'm still full from the duck, and they're giving us a cup full of chocolately mocha goodness AND doughnuts. Great dessert. Great pairing. Game over. Roll home.

Nick - Topping the evening off with a nice glass of oatmeal stout and a chocolatey dessert is how I want every night to end after having this plate. The house made donuts were perfect. Could’ve had about 1294 more of them.

Someone's trying to fatten us up, as if the duck wasn't enough.

Final Thoughts: Overall we thought the dinner was great. Very filling and all the pairings made sense. Only complaint about the beers would be the small glasses. Especially with food pairings, a larger glass (not necessarily more beer) like a tulip glass, gives you a better chance to experience the aromas of the beer which enhances all the flavor at the same time. And of course we always like more beer ;)

Cheers to Steamworks for a tasty beer dinner!

iBeer photos by BeerImage