Brassneck Brewery - Open!

It's Open! 

Last Wednesday was Brassneck Brewery's long awaited, much anticipated grand opening, full of pomp and circumstance, complete with marching band, cheerleaders, a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Mayor, full motorcade escort, and a ceremonial sabering of one of their 1L growlers.

Ok that didn't actually happen... It was a local beer guy standing outside with his iPhone waiting for the paper construction sign to come down.  But within minutes Twitter was buzzing with the news and the place was full in no time.

I had the pleasure of checking out the new brewery the following night with a few friends. Luckily we were there early to avoid the 20 person deep growler/tap lineup of thirsty craft beer fans. As anticipated, the staff was very friendly and doing their best to keep up with the mob.  They will have 12 dedicated growler lines up and running eventually if not already. Another really cool thing is the food truck program. Check Twitter for updates.

Have a look at some pictures below from the 'opening' but I highly recommend seeing it with your own eyes and tasting the beer for yourself. Welcome to Vancouver Brassneck. Cheers!