CAMRA Spring Cask Sessional - So... what's CAMRA?


This Saturday May 4th is the highly anticipated CAMRA Vancouver Spring Sessional Cask Fest. If you don't have tickets, you're out of luck as it's already sold out! #YVRBeerTweetup is excited to be a part of this event, and we're proud to be 'corporate' sponsors of CAMRA Vancouver

So, what the heck is CAMRA anyways? 

CAMRA stands for CAMpaign for Real Ale, and it gets its roots in the UK. From CAMRA YVR:

"In 1971 angry beer lovers in England formed the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) to combat the replacement of traditional regional beers with “mainstream” factory beers. Affiliated with the now 98,000-strong CAMRA UK, CAMRA BC supports the brewing of traditional styles of beer in the traditional manner, using traditional ingredients. The Society promotes naturally brewed live beers of all styles: ales, lagers, stouts, etc." 

Although #YVRBeerTweetup is anything but traditional, we have many of the same ideals as CAMRA which is why we decided to become sponsors of the Vancouver chapter. They're great people too! You won't find flavorless fizzy yellow mass produced beer (aka CRAP) featured at any of our events.  We're craft beer all the way, through and through. You'll notice we have had some great casks (real ale) on hand at our events along with many CAMRA members attending.

Cask? Real Ale? Check out this article to dive down the rabbit hole: About Real Ale

One of the benefits of being a CAMRA member is being able to come to kickass parties like the Spring Cask Fest for less. They also have members only nights. If craft beer is your thing, you're really missing out big-time if you haven't signed up. It's ONLY $25!!! Besides being part of a great community of fellow craft beer fans, you also get loads of extra benefits throughout the year. Check out CAMRA YVR for more info.

If you have tickets for this Saturday you're going to have a great time and we'll see you there. If not, sign up and join us next time!