Casks announced for 'The Riverboat Throwdown!'

 We are happy to announce the following crazy competition brewed casks for The Riverboat Throwdown! Happening June 6th as a feature event for VCBW. More info HERE

The Casks! (in no particular order):

1: 'Imperial Red Ale of Doom and Awesomeness' aged on white oak spirals soaked in bourbon and port.

2: An IPA dry hopped with 'godly' amounts of Mosaic and Australian Topaz!  

3:  A 7.5% Kaffir Lime Leaf Saison!

4: 1993 Crowded House 'Pineapple Head' Piña Colada Wit

5:  Green Rooibos Tea Saison

6:  Surrey’s Super Secret Saison

7-10:  announcing soon!