Central City Bourbon Barrel IPA

Photo: BeerImage

By: @JonnyBeers

If you haven't tried the Central City Bourbon Barrel IPA yet, run! Maybe even push a few people over. It's a seasonal offering available only on tap at the Brewpub and it's also been seen at Alibi Room and St Augustines. Call in advance to double check.

How does it taste? Take their award winning IPA (a little bit of magic) and add woody oak character, some bourbon sweetness from the JD barrels and a little bit of dill pickle believe it or not (crazy awesome). So that makes this beer crazy awesome magic.

Oak can bring out a slight dill or pickle flavour in IPAs, in a good way (to me at least). It's noticeably stronger with white oak (like in the Cigar City White Oak Jai Alai), but I still noticed it in the CC Bourbon Barrel version. If you're some sort of sissy and scared of the usual alcohol heat that Bourbon Barrel screams, don't worry, this is not overly boozy and I have to imagine the barrel aging wasn't very long as the oak and bourbon is quite subtle.

Lucky for me I had a whole growler of the stuff but it didn't last long. Thanks again Mike!

Disclaimer: drinking from a growler on the skytrain is probably frowned upon...