Granville Island Brewing - Cloak & Dagger CDA Launch


On April 23rd Granville Island Brewing launched their new Cloak & Dagger Cascadian Dark Ale.

'GIB Brewmaster Vern Lambourne has once again taken a page out of his black notebook of beers to bring us his latest small batch release - 'Cloak & Dagger' Cascadian Dark Ale. This beer is hand-brewed at the taproom on Granville Island.' - GIB

Upon entering the taproom we were presented with 4 tickets for glasses of various beers from GIB. The Irish Red, Imperial IPA on Cask, the Barley Wine, and of course the new Cloak & Dagger CDA. The night also featured tasty food pairings from the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts (PICA) - we might have had more than a few of those tasty lamb burgers!

As for the Cloak & Dagger, GIB has started a whole new branding series called their 'Black Note Book Series' - meant to focus on small batches (the 650ml bombers) brewed in the actual Granville Island brewery by hand. Each guest was presented with a cool little Black Notebook with tastings notes of the CDA, and open spots to fill in future releases with our own personal notes.

Cloak & Dagger CDA

So what did we think of the new Cloak & Dagger CDA?

Jonny - There are very few CDA's out there that I've really liked. There are ever fewer that I've been blown away by. Will this beer blow you away? Maybe, so go try it! For me, it wasn't a show stopper, but it was something I enjoyed and would drink again. It was chocolately and smooth, very easy to drink, hops were quite mellow, and overall I thought it was pretty well balanced and flavorful. My fav beer of the night was actually the Imperial IPA on cask and I swear someone added peaches to it! (hint hint, someone make an actual peach IPA)

Nick - It's a good, sessionable CDA. A nice selection for both regular craft beer drinkers looking for an easy drinking ale, and for those interested in trying new varieties of beer.

It was a great night with lots of fellow beer industry folk, and we literally stayed until they shut the lights off... Cheers to GIB!

All Images: BeerImage (JonnyBeers)