Jaw Drop Cooler Company

By: @VancityBeerguy (Nick)

While Jonny was at Biercraft’s Sour Beer Dinner, I was in a suite at the Canucks/Sharks Game 1 with Jaw Drop Cooler Company. The Canucks didn’t come out with a win, but I was able to try the new vodka coolers. Here’s what I think!

Jaw Drop Cooler Co is a fresh, new cooler company to the BC market and, admittedly, while I don’t drink very many coolers, I was looking forward to trying the new drinks. The cans have a wicked design on them, simple yet eye-catching at the same time.

There are currently four flavours to the brand: Sucking Lemons, Licking Limes, Puckering Punch and Squeezing Melons (My favourite name of the bunch as well).

Image Credit: Jaw Drop Cooler Company

Image Credit: Jaw Drop Cooler Company

Of the four, the two that stood out for me were Sucking Lemons and Squeezing Melons. I had the Sucking Lemons over ice with a slice of lemon and it would be perfect for a beach day, refreshing patio drink or while camping on a hot, sunny day. The Squeezing Melons was nice and thirst quenching; the 7% abv added a nice kick to the easy drinking cooler.

While I don’t drink many coolers, Jaw Drop’s line of vodka coolers offer up a good alternative to beer drinkers if you’re looking for a nice, cool drink on a hot, sunny day.

Below are the official tasting notes of each product. Thanks again to Jaw Drop Cooler Co for bringing me along to the game!

- Nick

Squeezing Melons

7% Alcohol

TASTING NOTES: Squeezing Melons is a juicy, red watermelon beverage. Filled with mouth watering, natural “field ripened” flavours and a hint of fizz. Squeezing Melons is bursting with lively fruit notes and a slight hint of watermelon rind at the finish.

Sucking Lemons

7% Alcohol

Bold, balanced, and delightfully bubbly. Sucking Lemon’s universally satisfying taste of lemon is supported with subtle back notes of sweet, tree-ripened limes. Ideal for picnics, baseball games, and summer parties, this stimulating vodka beverage quenches thirst and pleases crowds.

Puckering Punch

7% Alcohol

Puckering Punch is a vibrant fruit punch cooler. It combines the nostalgia of Hawaiian Punch with grown-up Vodka refreshment. Eye-popping scarlet in colour with fun traces of carbonation, Puckering punch contains hints of grape, cherry, and tropical flavours.

Licking Limes

7% Alcohol

Tangy. Green. Wow! Licking Limes enhances the fun and whimsy of vodka coolers with an alluring and distinct Tahiti lime aroma. With a “just squeezed” flavour that is juicy and clean all the way through, this succulent creation hits the shelves just in time for summer.