Support @Untappd Canada Badges!

UPDATE:  @Untappd has stated in their support forum that Canada will be in the next round of badges. What type of badge or how many remains to be seen. Also, we've heard this before, so hopefully this time something actually comes of it. Show your support by checking into as many Canadian beers as you can and let @Untappd know how much you appreciate their hard work. Cheers!


No, sorry, there are still no Canada themed badges on the super popular beer social media app @Untappd. #sigh ... There are however badges for USA (there's even one for drinking 3 macro light beers), Mexico, Australia, Germany, Belgium, England, Ireland, Japan, etc etc. You can also get a badge for shotgunning beers with a bunch of frats boys, but if you want to indulge in some great beers from Driftwood, Central City, Dieu Du Ciel, Trou Du Diable, the list goes on for kilometers. Sorry, you're out of luck eh.

We have 2 badge requests. Please (cause we're Canadian after all)

1 - Make a Canadian Beer badge. No we don't mean Molson Canadian, we mean CANADIAN as in any beer that's from this great country! We have a shit tonne of it eh! There's over 50 breweries in BC alone! Can-A-Da! Can-A-Da! Hmmm, ok maybe USA has us beat with that chant, they can have it.

2 - Canada Day! To us it's one of the biggest holidays of the year, and we drink a lot of beer, and we like to give a cheer, above our southern neighbors that are near, without any worries or fear! 

It's been far too long. Click on the link below to show your support on the @Untappd badge request forum (yes that exists) and hopefully we can all dance around a plate of pancakes with maple syrup all while swigging beers out of our built in igloo fridge, while wrestling polar bears.