The Queen’s Republic Grand Opening

By: @VancityBeerguy

Donnelly Group has taken their venue formerly known as Republic and re-branded it as The Queen’s Republic. On April 17th, we were invited to the grand opening to enjoy a couple of the beers on tap and check out the live music on display.

The night featured complimentary drinks, canapés as well as a set from local hip hop artist Kyprios.


The room was busy, as expected, but there was plenty of space for our group of four to sit together and chat over our beers – Queen's Republic now has eight taps whereas before it had none. The selection with only eight taps is still quite nice featuring Ninkasi’s Spring Reign, Driftwood’s Fat Tug, Deschute’s Red Chair NWPA and Phillips’ Phoenix Gold Lager, among others. My go-to beer for the night was the Spring Reign, it was so flavourful yet easy drinking; I highly recommend trying it to anyone who can get their hands on it.

At 10pm Kyprios took the stage and proceeded to rock the house! The Peak Performance winner performed several covers with his band The Chaperones which were all great to dance to and sing along with. What surprised me most about The Queen’s Republic was how great of a live music venue it was. The stage was a bit small for the band, but the acoustics from it were stellar and very well balanced with everyone in the room being able to hear the music clearly.

Later on in the night The Annex (the upstairs second room) featured top notch DJs like DJ Ruckus out of California.

If you’re looking for a place to go with friends, enjoy some good beers and have a fun time then The Queen’s Republic is the place for you. Cheers to The Donnelly Group and The Queen's Republic for a great opening!