The River Boat Throwdown! VCBW 2013 #YVRBeerTweetup

On June 6th #YVRBeerTweetup and The Portside Pub hosted The Riverboat Throwdown! part of VCBW 2013. And what a night it was! We had a fantastic 10 brewery "Cask-Off" battle, made up of specialty designed competition brews to showcase the creativity of the Vancouver brewing scene. More below...

The sheriff of CAMRA_YVR

even Waldo showed up! 

At the end of the night Parallel 49 was declared Cask Maverick for their 'Lord of the Dry Hops' which was dry hopped with Mosaic and Australian Topaz. Other awards given out were Quick Draw  to Russel Brewing for their Summer Daze Saison, and The Gambler to Lighthouse brewing for the most creative cask which was a Pina Colada Wit, served complete with tiny umbrella and pineapple slice!

#YVRBeerTweetup Jonny and Nick

Burlesque Beauties

The following is a list of all the other casks we had on offer, honorable mention to everyone!

Central City - 'Imperial Red Ale of Doom and Awesomeness' aged on white oak spirals soaked in bourbon and port. *thanks Dustin, best wishes on your next beer venture!

Vancouver Island - Kaffir Lime Leaf Saison!

Deep Cove - West Coast Lager with Saison Yeast

Red Truck - A Heavenly Delicious English Strong Ruby Ale aged in Maker’s Mark Bourbon Barrel!

Tofino - IPA with Lemongrass, Tamarind, + Dry Hopped with Sitka Hops!

Howe Sound - 'The Dark King' Blended Hefeweizen

R&B - Apple Jack Moonshine Ale

Thanks again to all the amazing breweries, all from BC, for their awesome creations! 

Sweetpea Swing Band

We trended!

Highlights of the night included casino gambling (poker, roulette, craps), the Burlesque Beauties can-can dancers, and the insanely talented Sweet Pea Swing Band. They kept the party going late and the dance floor packed until 1am. If you missed out on this one, you REALLY missed out!  

Special thanks go out to Portside Pub and VCBW for letting us be a part of this great event. With a sold-out crowd of over 300 people in attendance this was by far the biggest #YVRBeerTweetup event yet, and we're already thinking up something bigger and better for next year! 

Cheers to all who attended! 

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