Zwanze Day Draw Day Vancouver at Alibi Room


Happy to announce the Zwanze Day Draw Day at Alibi Room with Copper & Theory! 

On Saturday September 14th 2013, Dieu du Ciel! in Montreal, barVolo in Toronto, and The Alibi Room in Vancouver will be among the 46 beer bars around the world that will be tapping this year’s version of Zwanze, an annual series of limited edition beers from the legendary Belgian lambic brewery Cantillon. This is the first time the event will be held in Vancouver!

As Zwanze is an extremely limited beer, only 40 people will have a chance to participate on this special day (Actual Zwanze Day) at Alibi Room. The keg is very small. This is where Draw Day comes in.

On August 20th, we will be holding a draw to chose those lucky 40 people. You have the chance to win a FREE ticket to Zwanze Day in Vancouver, at Alibi Room. There will be special beers on tap, and a few other surprises on the 20th.

You need to be at the Draw Day to win. Each ticket is valid for one person and thus one draw entry. You can buy multiple tickets to the event for a group if you like, but you are only allowed one ballot (to be filled out at Alibi) per person. Approximate time for the draw will be 830/9pm to allow for CAMRA Eductcation Class the same night to end. Any special beers we have on tap my be gone by then so come earlier to fully enjoy the event. There will be an Oom-Pah Band!

Tickets to the Draw Day event are $10

Some of the beers on tap August 20th: Driftwood Flanders Red, Ian's Oud Bruin, XX De Ranke, P49 Sour(s), GIB Berliner Weiss, Storm Sour, Tofino Cask Sour IPA, Upright Brewing, Old Rasputin XV and more!

*Times subject to change. No Refunds